Welcome, landowners of District 106 and those that aspire to be landowners in District 106.


MegaCryptoPolis a breakthrough online multiplayer strategy game that allows players from all over the world to collectively build a unique mega city like never before.

Players can acquire blocks of land to construct their own buildings and eventually upgrade them to gain influence points. Each player can choose from a range of structure types to begin with: a residential building, shopping mall, entertainment facility, factory or even a mining site ― it is completely up to the player.

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District 106 seeks to be the premier District in the game of MegaCryptopolis.

We will do this by communicating regularly with our land owners and setting up an environment where the most growth can happen.


District Owner Comparables

This list shows the price paid for each district, the wallet that owns the district, and the price paid per buildable tile. Owners of Multiple Districts District 49, 105, 124, 137, 139 have the same owner District 47 and 149 have the same owner District 144 and 152 have the same owner